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Who Will Win the World Cup?

The World Cup Is Back!!!
Can't wait.. Gonna be exciting!

World Cup 2010?
Who does not know it?
All the people here and there already talking about the World Cup to be held in South Africa from June 11 to July 11, 2010. At this time in places like the living room of their respective houses, food stalls, restaurants, and others identified with the boisterous cheers man ..

Which football teams that reached the 2010 World Cup South Africa is that South Africa itself as the team hosts, Mexico, Uruguay and France which was placed in Group A. While group B was lined Argentina, Nigeria, Republic of Korea and Greece. Group C saw the competition between England, the United States, Algeria and Solvenia. Group D is lined German, Australia, Serbia and Ghana. Group E was accompanied by the Netherlands, Danish, Japan and Cameroon. Group F lined by Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia. Meanwhile, Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, and Portugal will compete in Group G. For the H front, Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, and Chile will compete with each other.

So, Who will win???

My favorite teams are Italy and Spain but I guess Spain will win this 10th FIFA World Cup South Africa..

Why Spain?
Because their team reputation as the defending champion European Cup in 2008, and they also ranked number two in the world in the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking.
Just wait and see!!

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May 16, 2010 0 comments

HaPpY tEaChEr'S dAy ;)

Hepi Teacher's Day
all lovely teachers in the world.

You are the best people that I had ever met in my life..

Thanks for everything...

May God bless You!
May 15, 2010 4 comments

Release Tension @ Cemerong, Dungun...


Patutnya dh lama entri ni di update, tp ats sebab xtau sebab ape, arini dgn jayanya, entri ni diupdate dgn jayanya.. Yeahh!! [sila tepuk2 ketika kiri dgn tgn kiri]

Meh nk cter skit!!

Hutan Lipur Cemerong ni, aku mmg xtau wujudnya hutan lipur ni kat Terengganu sehinggalah pd tahun lps mber aku cter pasal Cemerong ni.. siap bg tgk gmbar lg..

So, start aritu, dh berangan-rangan nk g mandi kat situ walaupun x reti berenang. Berkali2 gak bg idea kat famili n mber2 nk g sini tp dorang wat xtau je..
Lepas tu aku pun wat xtau je..

Tp tahun ni, bulan 3 baru ni dpt gak aku mjejak ke Cemerong ni atas idea sorang classmate yg bg cadangan utk piknik seblum g wat Community Service..

Pergi la ktorang dgn jayanya kat Cemerong ni...

Cemerong ni daerah Dungun rupanya.. tp jarak dri Dungun dlm 110km...
Jauhnya maybe sebab jalan tu mmg bgkang bengkok sekali yg mbuatknnya jauh dari Dungun...

~Sebelum nk masuk je kat area Cemerong ni dh nmpk Air Terjun yg indah sekali..
Mmg super excited!!~

~Ha!! nila rombongan2 yg dtg berpiknik...~

~Antara flora yg wujud di Cemerong~

~ Adanya flora, x sah pulak kalu x ada faunanya..~

~ Ape lagik, jom berendam ramai2...~
Super syok!! haha

~ Acara wajib yg mmg kna ada, BBQ~

~ Inilah rupa Air Terjun Cemerong.. memang lawo gler n mdamaikan jiwa dan raga~

Kalu sape2 yg suka berenang, tmpat ni mmg super duper best utk swin....
Kalu yg x reti swin mcm aku tgk2 n amik gmbar sudah le.. hiks~

p/s: Kepada sape2 yg x pernah dtg ke Air Terjun Cemerong ni, silalah berbuat sedemikian rupa..
ada korang kesah??
May 8, 2010 10 comments

Mode: Abes Exam.. Lega2

Setelah berhempas pulas, akhirnya abes jugak final exam..

Yeah!! akhirnya...

abes jugak




arghh!! pedulikan.. yg penting???


*gambar ihsan dri Google

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